About Us

 Immersion 3D Plus (i3DP) is a start-up Limited Liability Company with its headquarters and laboratory currently located in Salina, Kansas; the company is principally involved in research, development and manufacturing of True 3D (T3D) Display Systems. The company aspires to be a global pioneer inTrue 3D image display technology innovation and manufacturing.

In the physical world, information is distributed over a three-dimensional (3-D) or volumetric space. On a computer monitor or TV, however, the 3-D information is projected on a planar two-dimensional (2-D) screen after eliminating the hidden information and diminishing both the realism and the information content of an image. Conversely, a True 3-D (T3D) display system preserves the actual depth information of an image by displaying images over a volumetric space, and that process almost mimics the way we visualize information in the natural world.

The mission of I3DP is to enable True visualization of an image at a very affordable price, much more economically than is available today.

The I3DP Team have been busy developing several cutting-edge technologies that promise to usher in some great applications for multiple industries and will be available for licensing in foreseeable future.

Management Team

 The management team consists of professionals from diverse fields. Our Research Team is comprised of accomplished professionals of multiple fields of technology and science.

Anjan Ghosh Hajra,               CEO

Mukul Ghosh Hajra,              Marketing Manager         

Dr. S. Chakrabarti,                 who has many years of extensive knowledge and experience in 3D                                                          imaging and display technology, is the primary Technical Consultant for                                                    I3DP.

Dr. R. Dandu,                         who has over 20 years of experience both in academic research and                                                        product design and development, has been serving as a Consultant                                                        for I3DP.

Narinder Sharma,                  Chief BioMed Consulant

Dr. Animesh Chakravarthy,  Consultant



Coming Soon.

Intellectual Property

 I3DP understands the importance of new inventions and innovations in cutting edge technologies, and has applied for a provisional patent in June 2011. The company is in the process of applying for non-provisional and other provisional patents. I3DP preserves the rights over several patents.