About Us

 Immersion 3D Plus (i3DP) is a start-up Limited Liability Company with its headquarters and laboratory currently located in Salina, Kansas; the company is principally involved in research, development and manufacturing of True 3D (T3D) Display Systems. The company aspires to be a global pioneer inTrue 3D image display technology innovation and manufacturing.

In the physical world, information is distributed over a three-dimensional (3-D) or volumetric space. On a computer monitor or TV, however, the 3-D information is projected on a planar two-dimensional (2-D) screen after eliminating the hidden information and diminishing both the realism and the information content of an image. Conversely, a True 3-D (T3D) display system preserves the actual depth information of an image by displaying images over a volumetric space, and that process almost mimics the way we visualize information in the natural world.

The mission of I3DP is to enable True visualization of an image at a very affordable price, much more economically than is available today.

The I3DP Team have been busy developing several cutting-edge technologies that promise to usher in some great applications for multiple industries and will be available for licensing in foreseeable future.